RV Rental Conditions

General conditions

The RV shall be handed over to the lessee fuelled, cleaned and in a technically sound condition. We recommend you carefully look over the vehicle and mark down all the damages and shortcomings (including scratches) when accepting the vehicle. Otherwise you might remain accountable for the damages the vehicle had before it was made available to you. The lessor is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for the damages, which may arise from a failure with the RV and if the trip is cancelled or delayed in relation to the foregoing. The RV shall be handed over to the lessee with a filled fuel tank. When the RV is returned with a fuel tank that is not completely filled, an additional rental fee is added according to the current price list of Oil for each litre of fuel that is added during the refuelling and a refuelling service fee of EUR 54 (including VAT). The lessor is entitled to withhold a deposit from the given amount. The lessee shall compensate for the damages caused by filling the tank with the wrong fuel type. In order to rent an RV, the lessee shall present a valid driver’s license and identification (ID-card or passport). The lessee must be at least 21 years old and have at least 2 years of driving experience as a Category B driver to be able to rent an RV. If you wish to rent the RV for a company, the contract must be signed by a board member or an authorised person by submitting the rental company a corresponding and appropriate power of attorney with documents certifying its validity (power of attorney, letter of guarantee, copy of the B-card of the commercial register). In that case, a contract of suretyship must be signed in addition to the rental contract with which the user of the vehicle ensures the obligations of the company.

Reservations, deposit and payment

The reservation fee of the RV is 30% of the total amount of the rental period, a minimum of EUR 300. The reservation is considered confirmed when the reservation fee has reached the bank account of Pro Star Group OÜ. It must be paid within 7 days from the receipt of a written confirmation or a corresponding invoice from the lessor about the confirmation of the reservation. When the reservation is made less than 30 days before the beginning of the rental period, the lessee shall pay a reservation fee of 50% of the rental price at the time of making the reservation. Changes to the reservations confirmed to the lessee can be made from the date of making the reservation until at least 60 days before the agreed beginning of the rental period and only if the lessor is able to offer alternative options and if the total amount of the alternative reservation corresponds to the initial one. The reservation fee is not refundable and will be counted towards the rental fee. When the reservation is cancelled by the client, the client is liable for the amount of the reservation fee and the reservation fee will not be refunded. The lessee of the RV shall pay a contract compliance deposit in the amount of EUR 300 that will be refunded to the lessee upon the termination of the contract and upon the absence of any claims. The rest of the rental fee and the deposit shall be paid before the beginning of the rental period in accordance with the deadline set in the rental contract. The final settlement will take place upon the return of the RV to the lessor. The rental fee can be paid by bank transfer as well as in cash or by a bank card on the spot. The rental fee includes the cost of oils, maintenance, compulsory motor vehicle insurance and full casco insurance. The rental fee does not include the cost of motor fuel.

Insurances, third-party liability

The rental prices of RVs include casco insurance (accidents, vandalism) with a co-insurance of EUR 1,000 paid by the lessee and a burglary insurance with a co-insurance of 15% of the cost of the vehicle paid by the lessee (the value of the vehicle is set out in the rental contract). The tyres and wheels of the vehicle are not covered by the insurance and the lessee shall bear full financial liability for the tyres as well as the wheels. In the case the RV is stolen or carjacked, the lessee is required to present the car keys and the vehicle registration certificate. The theft or carjacking must be registered by the lessee at the police station closest to the location where the theft or carjacking took place. In the case of a traffic accident, the lessee is required to notify the police about it and get a written piece of evidence for the insurance company with an explanation about the occurrence of the accident. The rental company must also be contacted immediately (the contact information can be found in the rental contract). All claims by third parties that are caused by the lessee and/or the users of the RV during the rental period (for example road traffic offences, parking tickets, late payment decisions, relocation of the car, etc.) shall be compensated by the lessee and/or the user of the car in full also in retrospect.

The handing over and return of the vehicle, rental period

If the RV is returned more than 2 hours later than the agreed deadline, the lessor has the right to add an additional daily rental fee to the rental amount. If the lessee delays with returning the vehicle more than one day, the lessor has the right to demand double rent for the delayed days. The RV shall be returned to the lessor by the lessee with a thoroughly cleaned interior, the waste water tank and toilet cassette shall be emptied in the same way as it was during the handover. Exterior washing is included in the rental fee of the vehicle and it is performed at the expense of the lessor. The lessor has the right to demand a cleaning fee if the RV has not been cleaned properly. The cost of cleaning the interior is EUR 100. The cost for emptying the waste water tank and toilet cassette is EUR 50. Pets and smoking are prohibited inside the vehicle. In the case of non-compliance, the lessor has the right to demand a contractual penalty in the amount of EUR 300. The lessor has the right to withhold the above-mentioned amounts from the deposit. When the vehicle is returned, the lessor and the lessee shall carry out an overview of the vehicle together. Damages that were not there in the beginning of the rental period and that cannot be considered normal wear and tear shall be compensated by the lessee on the basis of the price list of the dealership. The minimum rental period of an RV is three days. The RV does not have a mileage limit.


All of the vehicles have anti-theft devices installed on them. During the winter period, all the RVs have snow tyres. In addition, all the RVs have GPS tracking devices that enable the lessor to observe that the vehicle is used in a designated way. According to the agreement between the parties, the lessor shall provide the lessee with fittings which are listed exactly in the fixed rental contract.

Contract period

Every signed contract is binding – even if the lessee has not read it through or understood it. We recommend reading the conditions carefully always before signing the contract and specify them, if necessary. Subsequent claims shall not be granted or shall be settled in court.

Driving outside of the borders of Estonia

The client must not drive a rental RV outside of the European Union. The respective wish must be coordinated in writing with the rental company at least 28 days before the beginning of the rental period. More specific conditions are set out in the rental contract concluded between the lessor and the lessee.